Hypro Nozzles FC-ESI Liquid Fertiliser Spraytip
Hypro Fertiliser Caps Fertiliser Caps Showing Parts of Assembly Fertiliser Caps Showing Side View Cap With 99500024 Adaptor Fitted to a Hardi Nozzle Body

Hypro Nozzles FC-ESI Liquid Fertiliser Spraytip

Code: FC-ESI-110015P
RRP: £9.68
Save: 58%
Price: £4.05  + VAT
(£4.86 inc VAT)
Nozzle Size & Colour:

Hypro Nozzles FC-ESI Liquid Fertiliser Spraytip

The Hypro FC-ESI Fascap is sold in this section as a single nozzle cap, the six pack is available as a seperate Product Listing Here

Sizes 08, 10 and 15 have a slightly higher price due to having Ceramic metering insert

Sizes 015, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06 Grey all have a plastic metering insert

Sizes 025 Lilac, 04 Red and 05 Brown are also avaialble with a ceramic insert, please call for availability

015 Dark Green 
02 Yellow
025 Lilac Ceramic Insert
03 Ultra Blue
04 Red
04 Red Ceramic Insert
05 Brown
05 Brown Ceramic Insert
06 Grey
08 White Ceramic Insert
10 Light Blue Ceramic Insert

15 Light Green Ceramic Insert
20 Black



The Hypro Fastcap Fertiliser cap will fit all types of nozzle bodies with the EF3/Teejet/Euro style cap fitting

Dark Green size 015 right through to Light Green size 15 colours

Dependant upon size chosen they will cover an application rate from 23 ltrs pr Ha @ 18 KPH through to 1386 ltrs pr Ha @ 8 kph

Higher application rates can be applied by reducing forward speed even further

Will fit all Arag, Lurmark and Hypro EF3 and Teejet style nozzle bodies

There is a Hypro manufactured adaptor available to fit these caps Hardi nozzle bodies (Hypro Part Number 99500024 Available Here)

The 4th Image shows these Fertiliser caps fitted with the 99500024 adaptor to Hardi Triplet Nozzle Bodies

Not subject to easy damage unlike other Fertiliser application nozzles

Several different sizes can be fitted to the same multi nozzle holder, unlike Dribble bar types

Cost saving as these cost approx 50% of conventional dribble bars

Sizes 015, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 & 20 have a plastic insert

Sizes 025, 04, 05, 08, 10 and 15 have a ceramic insert

List Price RRP refers to Ceramic tipped nozzles only.

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