John Deere Twin Air TAQ Spraytip Nozzle
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John Deere Twin Air TAQ Spraytip Nozzle

Code: PSTAQ1002
Price: £4.30  + VAT
(£5.16 inc VAT)
Nozzle Size & Colour:

John Deere Twin Air TAQ Spraytip

The John Deere Twin Air (TAQ) Nozzle is the new Hypro Guardian Air Twin flat fan air-inclusion spraytips in a new style EF3 fitting integral FastCap.

We have added some images of Guardian Air Twin Nozzles fitted to Teejet Nozzle Bodies. The John Deere Twin Air TAQ is available in the following colours:

Size 02 Yellow
Size 025 Lilac
Size 03 Blue
Size 035 Brown Red
Size 04 Red
Size 05 Brown
Size 06 Grey
Size 08 White

John Deere Twin Air TAQ Outpout Chart


Application Rate Chart Available Here 

John Deere Twin Air TAQ nozzles are the best choice for high coverage applications where on-target spray delivery is important. 

They are ideal for low crops with complex canopies, such as vegetables, oilseed rape, and potatoes where thorough coverage of the target is important and give good coverage of soil-applied products
30° forward and 30°  rear inclined 110° flat fans 
Directs spray to penetrate denser crop or weed canopies that require more coverage.
Incorporates the spray characteristics of the world renowned GuardianAIR nozzle range which has been proven to be effective for a wide range of applications. 
Provides better coverage with more drops per litre of spray compared to other air-induction nozzle types. 
New style integral FastCap design twists smoothly onto ProFlo and standard EF3 nozzle holders with minimum friction. 
Dust is sealed out by the locking ring to reduce contamination when removing the nozzle from the sprayer. 
Compact design to reduce the risk of damage
*Please note that the nozzle supplied will be the Hypro Guardian Air Twin.

Output Chart

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