Pentair Hypro

Pentair and Hypro EU Ltd

Pentair is a leading producer of Hypro branded spray nozzles and related components for industrial and agricultural spraying. Established in 1954 originally as Lurmark, their reputation for quality is world-wide and they export over 50% of their manufactured products through a network of independent distributors like ourselves here at Agratech. 

Pentair Hypro has a long standing record of working with customers to develop specialized nozzle designs in order to fulfil their specific and often unique requirements produced in a wide range of materials from plastics to metals and exotic alloys. Among other applications, Pentair Hypro products are used for evaporative cooling, dust suppression, paint pre-treatment, gas scrubbing for pollution control and crop spraying amongst many other things. 

In 1999 the Lurmark nozzle business was acquired by Hypro, the leading pump manufacturer based in Minnesota, USA. Together Hypro EU and Hypro have over 100 years of combined experience in fluid handling offering nozzles, pumps, sprayer components such as nozzle holders, filters and valves and spraying accessories. Hypro was itself acquired by Pentair Ltd in 2006. Pentair now employs 30,000 people worldwide in all areas of industrial and domestic fluid handling technology and has global revenue over $7 billion (2012).

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