Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Angled Spraytip Nozzles C/W Hardi Nozzle Cap and Seal
Hypro Defy 3D 03 Blue Defy 3D 03 Blue Fitted To Hypro EF3 Cap Defy 3D Nozzles

Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Angled Spraytip Nozzles C/W Hardi Nozzle Cap and Seal

Code: 3D100-015-HARDICAP
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Nozzle Size & Colour:

Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Nozzle  Supplied Complete with Hardi self aligning nozzle cap and seal

Sizes 015 Green, 02 Yellow, 025 Lilac, 03 Blue, 035 Brown Red, 04 Red 05 Brown, 06 Grey and 08 White available from stock.

You will dramatically increase your chances of hitting a target if you aim at it.

  • Specifically engineered to effectively deliver pre-emergence herbicides to autumn and spring seedbeds
  • Angled nozzle, designed to run alternating forwards and backwards along the boom to give an even coverage on the front and back of targets
  • One of the most even distributions on the market, with a coefficient of variance of <5%
  • Perfect 3D coverage in all directions; tailored drop spectrum to give maximum efficacy for grassweed control
  • 60%-75% less drift (size dependent) compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle giving a greater number of spray days
  • Increased efficiency means increased efficacy through more timely application of DEFY.
  • Allows you go to at the best time to control weeds, rather than the best weather conditions
  • Operating pressure range: 0.7-3 bar
  • Optimum pressure: 2-2.5 bar
  • Optimum speed: 12-14kph
  • Optimum boom height: 50-75cm

Water Volume: Best nozzle at 100 l/ha as the effect of the angle outweighs the need for more water to gain coverage increases. Using 100 l/ha increases the time spent spraying vs. filling and traveling

Pressure: Runs at pressure between 0.7 and 3 bar. (Pressures below 1 bar may not be achievable on sprayers with diaphragm check valves governing the nozzle on/off)

Application speed: 12-14 km/h. If conditions are sub-optimal slow down and apply at 12 km/h.

Boom height: Highest efficacy at both 50 and 75 cm boom heights, allowing for the boom to be run a comfortable level above the target with no worries about drop off in deposition.

"Correct sprayer speed, boom height and angled nozzles all improve blackgrass control. New DEFY 3D nozzles give 2.5 times more coverage, and reduce drift by over 50% compared to using a flat-fan.”

Ben Magri, New Farming Technologies Specialist, Syngenta




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